Invest in Your Personal Branding

Personal Brand Experiences

From personal branding headshots to full personal branding photoshoots, there's a package to support you as you as you tell your story and market your brand with personal brand photography.

Entrepreneurs and Creatives have got to drive the narrative about their personal brand so that their followers are clear about who they are, what they stand for, and how they can help them.

It may be the difference between a disconnected audience and followers who become raving fans and paying clients.

It can be the difference between social media being a waste of time and time on social media being the catalyst that transforms lives, creates impact, and grows business.

Now may be the time for your

    • Personal brand identity to be crystal clear
    • Message to be powerfully consistent
    • Brand visuals to be on point

This is a way for you to create a personal brand that

Connects to your followers in such a way that they trust you – an authentic + influential brand, they may just love to tell others about!

Creating A Personal Brand Identity

Visual Storytelling + Personal Branding Photos

Personal Brand Photo Shoot Experiences

All of My Personal Brand Photography Experiences Include the Following:

    • Shot list consultation and planning
    • Storyline development to support the shot list
    • Commercial licensing of any digital photos purchased
    • Digital photos are optimized for website and social media use

The personal brand photo shoot experience is for the entrepreneur or creative who desires on brand visuals that tell their brand story and connect to their assigned audience.

Through the entire process, we collaborate on specific storylines that enable you to have consistent messaging on social media and your website. Storylines are themes in your life that become what your personal brand is known for.

For example, one of my personal storylines is that I love to travel! One of my favorite places to travel to is the beach. So what do I need to be sharing on social media? Images of me traveling, photos I take at the beach, etc. A great location for a brand shoot for me would be a beach!

This is how I help you! You’ll complete questionnaires and through consultation, seeking Holy Spirit for guidance, and following His leading, we determine your personal brand storylines and I create a shot list for our branding session.

Through this process you will gain a very clear understanding of what to share on social media and, after your branding photo shoot, you’ll have the images, the visuals that tell a story, to go with your posts!

How powerful is that?! It takes the confusion out of what to share on social media, your blog, etc.

Personal Branding Photography Options

Christina Kimball Spirit-led Brand Photographer with Camera

A 'la Carte Branding Sessions start at $750

Digital photos are purchased separately for $150 each and there is no minimum purchase required.

Personal Branding Experiences

These are full branding session experiences that include a minimum of three storylines and 60 digital photos. Starts at $2,600.

Professional Headshots

Not looking for a full branding session and just in need of some professional headshot photos?

I got you covered!

Headshot sessions start at $499 and include commercial licensing for 10 digital images optimized for website, social media, and business card use.

My professional headshot package includes five full-color digital photos and five black and white digital photos.

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