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Meet Christina

Being a Spirit-led Creative gives me life and it is truly my honor to serve you with on-brand photography and personal branding education, tips, and resources!

Personal Brand Photographer Christina Kimball

"I Come from a Family of Photographers. It's in My Blood!"

My mom was a professional photographer. My aunt was a professional photographer. In fact, if you ever saw my mom with her siblings, they all had cameras in their hands when they were together!

I learned a lot from my mom and when she transitioned to heaven in 2020, I received one of her cameras. Shortly thereafter, I opened my photography business specializing in personal brand photography and personal branding.

Entrepreneurship also runs in my blood. I remember one summer our family traveled up north where my dad was going to hold a multi-day revival. My sister and I painted some rocks, set up a table at the edge of the pastor’s driveway and tried to sell them. Bless the pastor’s heart because she was the only one to buy a painted rock!

I’ve been a legit entrepreneur the past 15 years specializing in assisting real estate agents and other entrepreneurs with their online presence and marketing. In 2012 I obtained my real estate license and in 2018 my broker license.

I’ve taught many marketing classes over the years focusing on websites and social media. Therefore it made complete sense that I would become passionate about personal branding and focus my photography on this specialty.

So here I am in Stockton, California serving entrepreneurs + creatives in and outside of California. I love to travel! In fact, two of my first personal branding photo shoots were outside of California in Idaho and Nevada. I love, love, love travelling and sampling baked goods and local ice cream along the way!

My Road Trip Buddies: My Hubby, Eric and Fur Baby, Shaka

Creating an Authentic Personal Brand

You are your brand

Be authentic. Tell your story. Market your brand.

Over the years as I taught entrepreneurs about marketing and branding, I led with honesty, excellence, and authenticity. I was just me. In the beginning, I didn’t fully understand branding let alone personal branding.

Now that I understand how to create a personal brand…. Now that I know how to partner with God in business… Now that I understand the power of story and visual storytelling in marketing…

It is truly an honor, privilege, and necessity that I help other Christian entrepreneurs and creatives develop and market their personal brand.

It’s how real impact is made. It is how heaven is released in the marketplace. It’s how reveal the Father’s love to our audience.

Most importantly, it starts with who we are in Christ. It’s clarified with Holy Spirit’s guidance as we seek God for direction. 

You were created a specific way and have gone through different life experiences so you can release something unique and powerful through the work that you do.

There’s a saying that “Facts tell and stories sell” and if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a clear brand identity and message along with professional brand photography can do for you, your message, and the people you’ll serve.

Imagine how complete brand development and consistent brand messaging can expand the Kingdom of God and your influence among your expanding client base.

Let’s connect and see if we’re a good match to collaborate on your personal branding and brand photography.

"A pro can help you with more than just lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your standard iPhone. An experienced pro can help you with composition and visual storytelling."

– Buddy Scalera

Personal Branding Experience

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"I'm already planning our next shoot! Book with Christina, you won't regret it." - MH

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